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Infrastructure Development

AAA offers design-build services in technical collaboration with ACCT certified builders across Asia. AAA can help you build high impact, customised challenge course, canopy tours, ziplines, climbing walls with localized inputs.

1. Every AAA course is custom-designed

2. AAA is unsurpassed in arboreal experience, tree-based teams courses, and canopy zip line  

3. Sustainability in our adventure courses is not an afterthought – it’s part of the original game plan 

4. Custom designed training curriculum and risk management procedures are included with startup
Our mission is to design and install adventure programs that enhance the lives of all people who participate in our courses.

5. Our courses integrate into the natural environment without harming it.

6. We push the limits of the industry practices.
We believe the possibilities are endless – that’s why each and every course is a custom design,
    no matter how large or small the project is.

Whether you’re installing a multiple acre canopy tour course, a 1,500 foot zip line, or a single climbing tower, each project receives our full attention and dedication.

Challenge Courses

Extraordinary Challenges to Empower ParticipantsAAA in technical collaboration with the leaders in Challenge Course Certified by ACCT (Association Of Challenge Course Technology) will be able to provide design-build services across Asia.

Design Methods Used by AAA

·         Minimal hardware and clean attachments on all AAA courses
·         All courses designed with simplicity and quality craftsmanship
·         Environmentally friendly – built with sustainable materials
·         Each tree course is built with low-impact long-lasting terminations
·         Proportions of the design and materials will inspire confidence and augment aestheticThe high ropes course can be a very dynamic aspect of a great challenge course program.

We’ll design a custom course to match your program goals, working with the features of your site. Ropes courses can be installed in trees, poles or indoors. We have unsurpassed arboreal experience, making us one of the few companies to excel in innovative design of tree courses.

Course Types Designed by AAA

·         Linear courses: Great for keeping large groups moving. Participants work their way through a series of elements, exiting via a Zip-line, a Big Swing, or a lower-off.
·         Hub & Spoke courses: Participants can choose from a variety of options from the “hub” events. Great for groups of varying ability.
·         Stand-Alone Events: Flying Squirrel, Cat Walk and Pamper Pole challenge individual participants before the group moves on to the next element in the course.
·         Combination courses: Climbing towers, vertical high ropes course elements, and horizontal traverses can be integrated into your course.
·         Instructor or participant belay

Work with AAA in Installing a High Ropes Course

High ropes courses can be installed on mature trees, utility poles, indoors, or any combination of the three.

·         Trees. AAA is unsurpassed in arboreal experience. Tree courses are our preferred choice because of their environmental and aesthetic appeal. Mature trees with a stable root system provide options that would be very costly on courses using poles or other materials. We design around and within existing trees on your site to keep the natural beauty, using the trees as elements without harming them.
·         Poles. Where trees are unavailable, utility poles provide an affordable alternative. Ranging from 30 to 60 feet in height, poles offer the ability to fully customize the design and layout of a course.
·         Indoors. Many high ropes elements can be attached to load bearing walls or roof trusses of existing buildings. Free-standing courses can be built on steel framing.The installation to trees is often much less damaging to the natural environment, because the trees are already in place, and do not require heavy equipment or ground clearing.

Installing on Trees The movement and swaying of trees is one attribute of a healthy forest. Trees sway back and forth, and we make sure to rig trees to allow for that natural movement. Many of our courses are more than ten years old, giving us significant experience with healthy, thriving tree courses.

·         We focus on the health of the trees and preservation of the site’s natural beauty
·         The trees are rigged carefully to ensure minimal intrusion and damage
·         The trees are pruned free of all dead limbs and guyed off if necessary
·         No staples are used unless totally necessary, and minimal hardware is installed at each tree
·         We follow professional arborist techniques strictly, providing you the best in tree services.
·         This includes understanding the seasonal restrictions for installations to certain trees.

Installing on Poles Utility poles provide a good solution where adequate trees are not available or not in the location you would like to build the course. With poles we can carefully customize the placement of all elements and precisely control the design of the course.

·         Site will require a cleared area for heavy equipment
·         Site will be chosen for minimal damage to surrounding trees’ root structures
·         Delivery of poles usually occurs in advance
·         Poles must be installed using heavy equipment, on fairly level ground
·         We follow professional arborist techniques strictly, providing you the best in tree services for all involved trees
·         Installation requires an assessment and plan for ensuring that the environment can return to original state 

Learn About The Program Benefits of a High Ropes Course Built By AAA

·         Individual challenges and team support building
·         Groups with a wide variety of ability levels
·         Tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility
·         Confronting emotional issues such as fear of falling, fear of failure, fear of losing control
·         Flexibility within your course
·         Mature trees, utility poles or building support structures, in any combination


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