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Adventure Tourism Projects
For destination managers and planners seeking to use adventure tourism as a mechanism for economic development, these specialized forms of tourism offer significant benefits and are more capable of delivering high-spending tourists. However, specialized tourism products imply tourists differentiated by a set of discerning attitudes that often require focused research to attract and serve. Developing sustainable adventure tourism products and marketing them to specific travelers requires solid research, which if invested in the beginning of the project saves time and money throughout the project. AAA's research team is strengthened by a network of consultants and industry partners who would support these projects.
  • Overall trends analysis
  • Traveler profiling
  • Market segmentation
  • Competition analysis
Using the Adventure Tourism  Development Index (ATDI) approach the subsequent product development process  is focussed on adventure travelers who venture out in search of unique and unusual experiences and are seldom satisfied with one-dimensional pursuits.  This means bringing together resources on many levels to create meaningful experiences for visitors — not only offering active adventure sports, but also softer nature explorations and opportunities to engage with the local culture. We work with your team to evaluate local resources and link activities, creating rich itineraries that offer a range of activities — cultural exploration, active pursuits, and nature experiences.
  • Product Development - ID Adventure hotspots, Itinerary Development guidelines, Sport Specific Market Segmentation
  • Outreach Recommendations - Marketing for specific audiences, Industry Networks, Afiiliation, Impact monitoring
These destination mangement forward facing actions supported by our backbone processes below will be able to bring new, sustained impetus to the destination
  • Infrastructure Improvement -Adventure tourism infrastructure development projects, step-by-step implementation support
  • Human resources Development -Training, Accreditation process, Capacity building
  • Risk Management Strategy - Guidelines, Monitoring mechanism, Industry participation

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