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Stewardship and conservation
The Wildlands Fund envisions a world where recreationalusers are seen as stewards of the land versus simply “users” of the land. To this end, we advocate for a balancebetween recreational Wildlands and environmental conservation, and we encourage adventurers to respect and honorthe places and policies which they use.

The Wildlands Fund helps to organize volunteer events across the country, providing adventurers with the support and resources that allow them to care for and give back to lands where they climb. Our signature stewardship program My Space exists to unite local communities in partnerships with land managers to conserve their local wilderness areas. And our youth stewardship program, Climb free aims to get young gym climbers outside taking care of the places they climb. These events often include litter clean-ups, visual impact mitigation, forest restoration, erosion control, and wildlife monitoring.

The Wildlands Fund collaborates with some of the country's foremost environmental organizations, including WWF, WCS, Wildlife First, Forest Department. We collaborate on issues such as, the preservation of lands threatened by development, the role of local stewardship in protecting public lands, political advocacy on public lands issues such as mining reform, and the protection of wildlife.

Working as a united community, in cooperation with land managers and environmental agencies, improves the reputation of users as legitimate, responsible, and conservation-minded stewards.

Land acquisition & protection

The Wildlands Fund recognizes that there will be times when an area is so severely threatened that the adventure community must act swiftly to protect valuable wilderness resources and environments. For this reason, the Wildlands Fund provides resources including grants for direct acquisitions, leases and other land conservation tactics.

In addition to funding, the Wildlands Fund also provides education resources and other assistance to help equip local organizations to viagra pas cher successfully acquire and manage private land. These resources include guidance on everything from strategic planning, transaction management, due diligence, private and public fundraising, liability protection, property management, neighbors, parking, waivers, trespassing, and much more.

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